If you want to make your floors look charming and work better, AK Level & Polish is where it’s at in Markham Ontario. 

We specialize in concrete floor leveling to give your space an elegant, durable finish. If you are a homeowner who wants to update your living space, or if you own/ manage a business and want to make it appealing for all who enter our services, we are designed around what will best suit you.

Concrete Floor Leveling in Markham

An even floor is necessary whether the issue is visual or practical. The slanting or uneven surfaces are drastically high to cause any type of accident and as well going in a rush can also damage your territory. 

That is why we at AK Level & Polish want to ensure all home and business owners understand the importance of having a properly leveled floor. 

Using the latest methods and materials, we ensure that your concrete surface is as flat or level as possible, creating a stable base for any type of floor you decide to cover it with. 

Markham Concrete Floor Levelers are here to make sure your floors are 100% flat, level & slick smooth, and ready for any type of finish you want.


We test our products first to make sure they meet our standards. As a result, we only use the best products available on the market.
We have a lot of experience. Our company specializes in floor preparation and finishing.
We work efficiently. Our technicians complete projects on budget and on time.
We train our members in house. We ensure all of our technicians are trained to use specialized equipment.
We are able to answer any questions you have about floor levelling, concrete polishing and epoxy flooring. Don’t be afraid to ask us whatever is on your mind.
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