Do you have slopping floors in your home or business and you get bored of it? This is AK Level and Polish, the experts in concrete leveling services in Markham, Ontario.

Using state-of-the-art equipment that emphasizes dear adhesion and quality work in flattening the surface of all floors, we turn it into the best surface for aesthetics and utility.

Why Concrete Leveling Matters

Previous assumptions of uneven floors as just mere inconveniences are wrong. They have safety risks associated with them, are capable of destroying your floor materials, and reduce the looks of your premises.

Here at AK Level and Polish, we have the best concrete leveling services to help you deal with these issues whether they are minor or major in equalizing concrete unevenness.

Selecting AK Level and Polish for your concrete leveling in Markham is selecting quality and the assurance of service delivery.

Some benefits you can expect are enhanced Safety, Plain floors significantly eliminate the event of stumbling and this makes your home or business premises safe for everyone. Improved Aesthetics, Level floors are aesthetically appealing increase the value of your space, and are more eye-catching.

Cost-Effective, We offer the perfect solution to our uneven floors why you should hire our services before the floor gets worse and costly services are needed.


We test our products first to make sure they meet our standards. As a result, we only use the best products available on the market.
We have a lot of experience. Our company specializes in floor preparation and finishing.
We work efficiently. Our technicians complete projects on budget and on time.
We train our members in house. We ensure all of our technicians are trained to use specialized equipment.
We are able to answer any questions you have about floor levelling, concrete polishing and epoxy flooring. Don’t be afraid to ask us whatever is on your mind.
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