Do you need some help with refreshing and rejuvenating your floor in Markham Ontario? So, if you need quite reliable and fast action, just give a try to AK Level and Polish! Established to provide high-quality surface preparation services, our focus is to provide you with perfect floor solutions that would create more beauty and value in any space.

AK Level and Polish offers quality work and services to our customers since we are extremely particular with the type of services we offer. Subsequently, our specialists ensure they utilize appropriate and efficient methods only when working on the best tools and equipment. Our specialists sit down with clients to gain their trust and confer to work and deliver their projects as they wish.

At AK Level and Polish, we comprehend that preparation is key to carrying out any flooring project since a good surface area to work on is important. Regardless of whether you intend to put on a new floor, renovate an existing one, or paint – put on a new face – our experienced staff is ready to assist at this point.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose AK Level and Polish. Concrete Grinding and Polishing: We offer clients unmatched concrete grinding and floor polishing solutions, which can eliminate pits and other irregularities in your floors.

Epoxy Coating Preparation: The application of epoxy coatings is very common owing to its features like longevity and smoothness in texture.


We test our products first to make sure they meet our standards. As a result, we only use the best products available on the market.
We have a lot of experience. Our company specializes in floor preparation and finishing.
We work efficiently. Our technicians complete projects on budget and on time.
We train our members in house. We ensure all of our technicians are trained to use specialized equipment.
We are able to answer any questions you have about floor levelling, concrete polishing and epoxy flooring. Don’t be afraid to ask us whatever is on your mind.
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